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New Sky Energy is an award-winning clean chemistry company focusing on resource recovery and waste treatment. Based in Boulder Colorado, New Sky designs, develops, and manufactures equipment for industrial purification and recovery of chemicals and gases. Our advanced, proprietary designs provide clients with increased profits and improved performance and reliability in their operations. New Sky is currently focused on deploying its natural gas and biogas sweetening technologies in the Oil & Gas and Municipal Water Treatment industries.


New Sky has worked with local companies and some of the world's largest to develop technologies that profitably remove H2S and recycle chemical waste. Every New Sky customer has unique needs, so we've developed flexible strategies to deploy solutions that meet our client's waste management goals and budget.

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Recent News & Awards

New Sky and Avery Brewing Collaborate to Remove CO2 Emissions from the Brewing Process
averysmall.fw July 2014 - New Sky and Avery are working together to reduce brewery operating costs and dramatically reduce the direct and indirect GHG emissions of brewery operations. Using New Sky’s CarbonCycle technology, CO2 emissions from brewery operations will be recycled/reused into clean, concentrated CO2 for beer production plus the following valuable chemical co-products: (1) carbon-negative soda ash for beer bottle manufacturing, (2) tank cleaning chemicals for brewing operations.
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New Sky Wins $500,000 CO2 Capture and Utilization Grant from CCEMC
On April 15, 2014, Alberta's Climate Change & Emissions Management Corporation (CCEMC) announced that New Sky Energy has been awarded a $500K grant for its proposal to capture and mineralize CO2 in Alberta and global oil and gas operations.
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New Sky Wins SXSW Eco Showcase
On October 8, 2013, New Sky finished first among 12 finalists in the Greentech category at the SXSW Eco Showcase.
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