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About New Sky Energy


New Sky Energy is an award-­winning clean chemistry company based in Boulder Colorado. Our technologies focus on removal of hydrogen sulfide and CO2 from sour biogas and natural gas streams.  New Sky designs, develops, and manufactures Sulfur Solve equipment and chemicals for municipal and industrial desulfurization of natural and biogas streams.



New Sky CEO Deane Little is a successful entrepreneur, inventor, and physical chemist. Lead inventor of New Sky’s SulfurSolve and CarbonCycle technologies, he holds a PhD in Molecular Biophysics and conducted postdoctoral research at US EPA and Stanford Medical School.



Alfred Hislop, New Sky’s VP of Engineering, is an electrical engineer with three decades of experience designing and building state of the art instruments. Al designed and built the first continuously circulating SulfurSolve systems.  Prior to joining New Sky Al built sensitive instruments used on NASA satellites to map the Universe's cosmic background radiation.



Yasmina Yeager is a chemical engineer and co-inventor of New Sky’s SulfurSolve technology. A detail oriented researcher and engineer, she holds a degree in chemical engineering from the University of Colorado.

Our Products


New Sky’s SulfurSolve process is the most sustainable and cost effective way to control hydrogen sulfide inside anaerobic digesters or biogas streams. SulfurSolve uses a water based, non-toxic suspension of metal oxide particles to capture and convert H2S into elemental sulfur. The H2S capture agent is regenerated in situ simply by blowing air through spent media, which converts captured sulfide into elemental sulfur. Media can be reused up to 30 times; significantly reducing chemical purchasing and waste disposal costs relative to conventional single use scavengers.

By recirculating treated gas to digesters operators can control H2S levels inside digesters by treating biogas outside digesters. This dramatically reduces the need to use iron salts or other chemical additives for H2S control.

New Sky also offers our innovative SaltCycle & CarbonCycle technologies to convert common industrial waste streams like waste brines and CO2 into valuable clean chemicals. We work with some of the world’s largest energy and manufacturing companies to help them profitably convert troublesome industrial wastes into clean chemicals and clean water.

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